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Compile AOSP(<8) with LLVM

10 Jul 2019 » llvm



  1. Download the Whole Program LLVM tool (wllvm) from https://github.com/travitch/whole-program-llvm

  2. Add wllvm’s directory to the PATH_variable:

  3. Set the compiler to be used by wllvm to Clang:

    export LLVM_COMPILER=clang

  4. For wllvm set a path to LLVM tools to the local prebuilt version distributed with AOSP:

      export LLVM_COMPILER_PATH=/path/to/android-repo/
  5. The trick is in not following instructions from the wllvm website, but dirty-hacking AOSP’s build system. In particular, modify its build/core/clang/config.mk such that CLANG and CLANG_CXX have the following values:
  6. Set LOCAL_CLANG:=true in build/core/clear_vars.mk.

  7. Run the build process (Replace aosp_x86-eng with your target). The wllvm tool will likely give bunch of warnings on unknown parameters, but it’s safe to ignore the warnings:
    source build/envsetup.sh
    lunch aosp_x86-eng
    make -j32 Bluetooth
  1. Link all of the bitcode into a single whole-library bitcode file. The extract-bc tool is part of the Whole Program LLVM project:
    extract-bc out/target/product/generic_x86/